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Weddings Example Image
Bridal Table Garland

An arrangement of florals suited to a theme or look that create the center of a table and decorate a room 

Weddings Example Image
Wedding Table Centerpieces

A small arrangement placed on cocktail tables often in the reception area of a venue

Weddings Example Image
Arch Floral Decoration

An installation that frames the awards/ prizes or important displays specific to that event

Weddings Example Image
Bridal Bouquet

A bridal bouquet is one of the main features of wedding decor. This arrangement is custom to each bride’s specific look. 

Weddings Example Image
Bridesmaids Bouquet

These bouquets mimic the look of the brides bouquet however are often smaller. Drawing similarity and beauty between the bride and her bridesmaids

Weddings Example Image

A small collection of flowers similar to those used in the brides bouquet and placed on the groom and his groomsmen

Weddings Example Image
Cake Floral Decoration

Decoration of the wedding cake in florals suited the couples theme in either a simple or elaborate manner.

Weddings Example Image

Often gifted to the mother of the bride and groom to distinguish them from the guests. Florals similar to those used in the bridal bouquet.

Weddings Example Image
Aisle Decorations

Creates an elegant pathway to the front of the venue. Adds further beauty to the aisle

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