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Private Parties 1.PNG
Cake Decoration

Floral design place on and around the cake often inspired by other arrangements in the venue

Private Parties 4.PNG
Floral Frame

Beautiful way to capture moments. Frame or 2d shape covered in flowers/greenery to be used as a statement piece at your event.

Private Parties 2.PNG
Floral Walkway

A tunnel decorated in flowers, greenery, lights or fabric. Creates a beautiful entrance for your guests.

Private Parties 5.PNG
Floral Letters

Make a statement with floral letters, spell out a name, place, date. Ability to hang, placed on table or be standing.

Private Parties 3.PNG
Table Decor

An arrangement of any type, abstract, classical, vase, box etc used to decorate the main table or surrounding coffee table, standing tables.

Private Parties 6.PNG
Flower Crown

Stylish head piece often used to portray rustic, soft, bohemian themes. However can be customised to suit any colour or style

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